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Top 6 Product Categories to Sell During the Holiday Season

Top 6 Product Categories to Sell During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, you will find a wide range of products on sale. Do you know what products Japanese consumers will be looking for?

Listed below are the top 6 product categories during the holidays.

1- Apparel

During Christmas and New Year, Japanese people will look for the biggest discounts on fashion. Starting in January, consumers can purchase so-called “fukubukuros” (mystery bags) from their favorite brands. Selling these bags will allow your customers to explore your product range as a seller.

2- Electronics

During November and December, you will find some fantastic deals on electronics. Japanese customers usually receive salary bonuses. Consequently, they purchase highly discounted laptops, smartphones, cameras, and other items.

3- Household Appliances

You can buy household appliances at a cheaper prices, such as laundry machines, rice cookers, coffee makers, and others, during the holiday season. Being a seller in Japan, you want to pile up your stock with new items for the next year. That is why your customers will take the chance to purchase products for a lower price that are still sitting in your stock.

4- Cosmetics

Shortly before Christmas, so-called “Christmas Coffrets” are being sold. These bundles include cosmetics like lipsticks, makeup, and more in a set for a fraction of the original price. Knowing this as a seller, you can offer sets like these to boost your sales.

By considering seasonal sales practices, you can be ahead of your competition.

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5- Accessories

Despite the lack of gift-giving culture in Japan, it´s common for couples or families to exchange gifts. Accessories like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more are popular as presents. You can leverage your sales with attractive packaging and a reasonable discount.

6- Toys

On behalf of Santa Clause, some Japanese parents gift toys to their children at Christmas, according to this article. Children will also receive pocket money in an envelope on New Year’s Day, which they can spend on toys or sweets. Therefore, you can offer toys for a lower price online and offline.


You can expect a higher profit from November to January when selling one of the product categories presented above. Adding a seasonal touch and reducing the price can increase your sales even more. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the Japanese holiday seasons and traditions to adapt your customer experience. Your competitive advantage lies in that.

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