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Japan serves as a gateway to other Asian markets.

With its strategic location and strong trade connections, establishing your ecommerce business in Japan can facilitate access to neighboring markets such as China, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries.

By entering the Japanese ecommerce market with a local partner, you can tap into a dynamic environment that encourages you to stay at the forefront of ecommerce innovations; such as mobile commerce, AI-powered solutions, and personalized shopping experiences, etc.

What We Offer


Amazon Japan offers a competitive landscape with tremendous growth potential to foreign businesses. With over 50.4 million users, you can tap into a large customer base ready to make purchases. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping sellers thrive on Amazon Japan, whether you’re new to the marketplace or looking to improve your sales.

Amazon Account Set-Up

Product Set-Up and Optimization

Amazon Japan Advertising

Amazon Account Management

Customer Service

Listing Optimization Services

Rakuten is Japan’s most renowned and trusted marketplace. International sellers other than Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, and Taiwan need a Japanese partner to set up their Rakuten accounts. From market testing to long-term sales, our comprehensive eCommerce services can help you succeed on Rakuten store.

Rakuten Account Set-Up

Rakuten Store Management

Rakuten Advertising

Customer Service

The Japanese language encompasses three writing systems – hiragana, katakana, and kanji – which are used simultaneously. Automated translation services often fail to capture the nuances of Japanese, resulting in inaccurate translations and poor search ranking performance.
A localized webstore demonstrates your commitment to understanding and catering to the specific needs and preferences of the Japanese market.
We recognize the significance of cultural differences and ensure an authentic and engaging user experience for Japanese audiences.

Hosting & Domain Names

JP Online Storefront

Content Creation

Search Engine Optimization

Expand your reach and cater to the preferences of Japanese consumers by offering them seamless and convenient payment options through our comprehensive payment solutions.

Konbini (Convenience Store ) Pay

Credit Card

Mobile Payment Solutions

Electronic Payments Integration

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