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Is Black Friday Sale A Success in Japan?

Is Black Friday Sale A Success in Japan?

Does Black Friday exist in Japan?

The answer is yes!

However, you can’t compare the Japanese version with the American one. The popularity of Black Friday has risen rapidly in the last few years. Therefore, this day has enormous potential for your future sales in Japan.

How Black Friday Became a “Thing” in Japan

Here is a brief history of Black Friday in Japan:

2014: Toys “R” Us hosted the first Black Friday sales.

2015: The fashion store GAP adopted the concept.

2016: AEON, one of the biggest retail chains in Japan, started a successful campaign with TV commercials and ads in stores.

2019: Amazon Japan officially joined Black Friday with special promotions across various product categories.

Since then, both e-commerce and retail have utilized Black Friday to increase their sales during the holiday season in Japan. Now Black Friday is an event for determined shoppers to get a great deal on various products such as electronics, games, furniture, and more. Additionally, products on sale aren’t just old items that are sitting in stock. Even newer product generations are offered discounts ranging from 30% to 70%. There are several brands and retailers participating in Black Friday sales, including Amazon, Rakuten, AEON, and UNIQLO. Therefore, it is a smart way to leverage your sales.

Get to know the top 6 product categories of the holiday season.

Save These Dates for 2022 

Amazon’s Black Friday is on the 25th of November.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday takes place on the 28th of November.

Top 9 Japan Black Friday Facts 

1. It has become an annual event in November in some stores.

2. The beginning of Japanese Black Friday can differ from store to store.

3. Amazon Japan aligns its start of Black Friday with the US.

4. It does not adhere to a specific duration. It depends on the store.

5. It can be considered as the start of the holiday sales.

6. Unlike Americans, Japanese people do not celebrate Thanksgiving the day before Black Friday.

7. It often offers special bonus points campaigns with rewards for customers.

8. You can buy limited-edition and Japanese-exclusive items at a low price.

Some retailers started to sell “Fukubukuros” (the New Year´s mystery bag) on Black Friday.


Taking advantage of Black Friday helps you attract customers from the start of the holiday season. With low prices, you can penetrate the market offline and online. It is common for Japanese customers to spend their yearly winter bonuses on highly discounted items from November to January. To unleash your full holiday selling potential, running different promotions that include Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year´s sales is advisable.

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