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Building a Robust eCommerce Foundation for Shima Okinawa

Building a Robust eCommerce Foundation for Shima Okinawa

Industry: Health/Supplement

Deliverables: eCommerce Setup (Rakuten & Amazon Japan)

Target Market: Japan


Client Overview

Shima Okinawa masterfully combines Okinawa’s historical vitality and rich heritage with state-of-the-art advancements in health supplements. Originating from the vibrant landscapes and deep cultural roots of Okinawa, the brand showcases its heritage through a unique color palette that pays tribute to the island’s historical tapestry.

Yet, Shima Okinawa isn’t just anchored in the past.

Dr. Zach Bell PhD, Co-founder of Shima & Co. led a team of dedicated scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) to innovate SEED-Technology, a world-first innovation, turning loose protein powder into dissolvable tablets that are also edible. Shima & Co. has commercialized this innovation with co-founders Shizuka Yamamoto and Scott Andrews with the launch of their brand Shima Okinawa.  The brand is charting a revolutionary path in the supplement industry. Prioritizing quality and convenience. This commitment ensures that consumers have easy access to the finest ingredients for optimal health.

Navigating the eCommerce Challenge

When Shima Okinawa approached COVUE, their aspiration was clear: make a mark in the robust eCommerce landscape of Japan, especially on platforms like Rakuten.

Given Rakuten’s massive clout in Japan, establishing Shima Okinawa’s store on this platform, alongside Amazon Japan, was a task filled with challenges and opportunities.

Crafting Digital Excellence for Shima Okinawa

COVUE dove into action, deploying a multi-pronged strategy:

1. Comprehensive eCommerce Management: Successfully initialized Shima Okinawa’s presence by setting up dedicated accounts on both Amazon Japan and Rakuten.

2. Vivid Catalogs: Leveraged client-provided designs to craft compelling product listings on both platforms, capturing the brand’s essence and inviting potential customers.

3. Amazon Enhancements: Beyond standard listings, created enriched A+ Content for products and laid the groundwork for an immersive Amazon storefront. Click here to get full access to Shima Okinawa’s Amazon store.

4. Rakuten’s Digital Storefront: Skillfully adapted Shima Okinawa’s branding for a tailored Rakuten shop setup, catering to the platform’s unique audience. Click here to get full access to Shima Okinawa’s Rakuten store.



5. Advertising Endeavors: Executed an ad setup and ongoing management strategy, amplifying visibility and ensuring the brand reaches its intended audience.

6. Promotion Pulse: Developed and refined strategic promotions to engage and convert potential buyers.

7. Seamless Fulfillment: Integrated fulfillment solutions with both Amazon FBA and Rakuten’s RSL to ensure a smooth customer experience, from click to delivery.

By meticulously addressing each facet of the eCommerce journey, COVUE aims to position Shima Okinawa not just as another brand on these platforms, but as a significant player in Japan’s health supplement landscape.

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