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Who We Are

Purpose & Passion

We connect global businesses to the Japanese market by serving as a local operating partner, providing End-2-End Japan Market Entry Services, and offering bilingual support to streamline business processes.

COVUE stands for CO – joint or shared and VUE – vision.

Our company name reflects our commitment to aligning ourselves with the vision and goals of our clients as true partners, rather than mere outsourced service providers. We prioritize building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients, aiming to become an integral part of their business family while also welcoming them into ours.
What We Offer


Japan Importer of Record

We are licensed to import 95% of the product categories in Japan

Compliance & Regulatory

We ensure full compliance with all Japanese import regulations

Logistics & Warehousing

Our effective fulfillment services can streamline the market entry process of Japan


We work closely to develop a winning eCommerce strategy for the Japanese audience

360 Japan Marketing

Leverage our extensive experience in the market to promote business in Japan

Branding & Localization

Our expertise can help overcome the Japanese cultural & commercial barriers

Customer Care

From pre-market entry to post-sales support, we ensure the success of a business in Japan
Whom We Help

Industries We Help Enter Japan

Our experience in these and many other industries helps us deliver innovative market entry solutions.

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